AAHail In The Community

Business To Business

American Auto Hail Repair is a small business providing local paintless dent repair in Fort Collins, Denver, Colorado & Nebraska. We know that small businesses thrive when they pair up with other businesses and incorporate themselves into the community around themselves. On a daily basis, we are meeting and getting together with fellow businesses to see how we can help them and spread thoughts about contributing to the community. We have partnered with multiple businesses such as Jiffy Lube, Enterprise, All Pro Rooter, and more to help spread the word about what we have to offer and do the same in return.

Community events

As a paintless dent repair company in CO, we also love to get involved with our local community. One of our favorite events that we have done in the past is Hail & Coffee. During this event, we are positioned on a busy street during the morning commute. While people of the community wait for traffic to continue, we hand out coffee and smiles. While doing so, we direct them to the best auto hail damage repair in Colorado. Even if they don’t need our local paintless dent removal, we still offer coffee and spread the word!

Automotive events

We frequent automotive community events. Here, we set up our company tents, hand out free drinks, and talk to people about what we do. With our skills in auto hail damage repair, our Denver team likes to do demonstrations of how we fix our customers’ vehicles with our technical expertise. This way, people can understand more of what makes us a great local option for paintless dent repair.

Customer service

From the minute you walk in the front door of our paintless dent repair company at either CO location will make you feel like family. There will always be someone here to extend a courteous greeting with a smile. Everyone here is focused on taking care of you, our customer.


We are a small business, helping support the local community on a weekly basis. Our business continues to grow exponentially every year from our superb reviews and outstanding quality. We would love for you to come in and see what we are all about!