Traveling Hail Service

Dent Pro Mobile Service That Follows The Hail

When a big hail storm hits an area, there can be up to hundreds of thousands of claims for hail damage on a car that need to be filed and taken care of. Since mother nature is unpredictable, it’s unrealistic to think that each city that could be hit by hail has the necessary amount of companies to accommodate for this extreme influx of claims. That’s where dent pro mobile companies, similar to ours, come to the rescue! That is why it is not unusual to see a bunch of “pop-up” companies around directly after the storm hits. We are needed to handle the amount of car dent repair claims that come in all at once.

Does that mean every hail damage car repair company that travels is the same? The answer is no. Each company has different standards and ethics they choose to uphold. When searching for which company to go through for your car dent repair needs, we definitely recommend doing your research into each auto dent removal service company.

Here Are Some Pdr Questions You Should Be Researching

  • How long has the company been in the paintless dent repair service (PDR) industry?

  • Does the company offer a lifetime warranty?

  • How does the traveling company fulfill that lifetime warranty if there are any issues?

  • What do previous customers think about that company? (Use google reviews, social media, and yelp to help find this answer)

All in all, American Auto Hail Repair wants to help you get your vehicle back to pre-storm condition. No matter what state or city you live in, our dent pro mobile services are the #1 choice for paintless dent repair service!


American Auto Hail Repair is always going to have its home in Fort Collins, Denver, Colorado & Nebraska. This state is #2 in hail loss claims between 2014-2016. Unfortunately for us, but good for the people of Colorado, hail isn’t guaranteed to hit every single year. When this happens, we do look to travel and provide our exemplary auto dent removal service and indisputable quality to the unfortunate states and cities that do get hit. We plan on always having a presence in Fort Collins and Denver with our local auto dent removal service, but we still want to be able to bring car dent repair to wherever it’s needed most.