Fort Worth, TX

American Auto Hail Repair Now Provides Premium Hail Repair Services to Motorists in Fort Worth, TX – A Service By Professionals That You Can Trust.

Hailstorms are common in Fort Worth, TX. If you’ve recently been a victim of hail damage, connect with American Auto Hail Repair right away and restore your vehicle. We are equipped with high-quality tools and backed by advanced techniques to help you eliminate hail damages in a minimal amount of time. Our paintless dent repair service is very popular with clients who want to retain their cars’ showroom-like look and shine. We offer a lifetime of warranty and a total of $1,000 receivable on the services availed along with other complementary services.

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    • We pay $1000 to cover your deductibles.

    • We offer a rental car so that you don’t have trouble running your daily errands.

    • We provide a lifetime warranty on all of our repairs.

    • We detail your vehicle inside and out before returning it to you.

    • You can get a $100 discount code through our referral program by telling a friend about our services.

    At American Auto Hail Repair, we make your vehicle concerns our priority. Our team will take the time to carefully understand your requirements to provide tailored services at the most cost-effective rates. If you reside in Fort Worth, TX, head on out to our shop to wipe away those hail damages from your car! Trust us; you’ll be relieved to receive your car in brand-new condition without paying any additional repair costs.