How To Spot A Dent Gypsy Scam In The Flesh?

How To Spot A Dent Gypsy Scam In The Flesh?

Dent Gypsy scams are not new, but how do you know if the company coming to your door is using a legitimate service, or they’re just looking for an easy way to make some quick cash?

Suppose you’re driving on a freeway near Greely, CO, and you spot a sign that says “DENT REPAIR: $5 OFF ANY REPAIR.” You decide to pull off and turn into their parking lot. As soon as you do, they ask if you want to get your dent fixed for $5.

In this blog post by American Auto Hail Repair, we’ll discuss what dent gypsies are, why you need them, how you can spot one before they get their hands on your car, and how to handle them if you encounter one!

What are Dent Gypsies?

Dent gypsies are people who claim to be able to fix your car’s dents without damaging the paint. They usually approach drivers on the side of the road, offer a low price for their services, and then try to do as much damage as possible so they can charge more money. In some cases, they’ll even take your car hostage until you pay them!

How Can You Spot a Dent Gypsy?

There are a few things you can look out for when trying to spot a dent gypsy:

  • They mostly get in touch with you in a parking lot.
  • They only ask for cash payments. If they were legitimate, you would be able to pay with a credit card.
  • They offer a meager price. Dent gypsies will always provide a price low enough to tempt you to give them a try. But don’t!
  • They try to do as much damage as possible. Once they’ve caused the damage, they can charge more money for the repair.
  • They don’t have business cards, apparel, or a business logo on the car.
  • They cover the dent with blue or white wax. They paint over the damage, but it’s evident how blue or white polish looks on darker surfaces like paint and metal.
  • They work out of their car. Dent gypsies love working offsite at your home or business, so they can do more damage without you knowing about it!

Don’t fall for false promises that are too good to be true! If someone comes up with an offer that seems reasonable compared to competitors, then run away as fast as possible. It could end up costing thousands in repair bills.

What to Do If You Encounter a Dent Gypsy

If you come across a dent gypsy, stand your ground, say no, and walk away. If they don’t depart or are harming your car, save their license plate number so the authorities may track them down. You can also contact the cops and submit a claim with your insurance provider.

Our team of professional paintless dent repairers at American Auto Hail Repair is just a call away. Book your vehicle evaluation today to ensure your vehicle is in good hands.