Aluminum Body & High Strength Steel PDR

Does your car have aluminum frames that are damaged by hail? Don’t give up hope yet. Bring your vehicle over to our paint and body shop in Denver, Greeley, Fort Collins, or Nebraska, and let our experienced PDR technicians fix the dents back to their original form. At American Auto Hail Repair, we specialize in PDR services for high-strength steel and aluminum car bodies.

Over the years, an increasing number of car owners are opting for aluminum on their cars. The lightweight material offers good mileage, better braking, and overall superior handling. But while steel has a ‘memory’ of its prior shape, it’s challenging to deform aluminum back to its original condition.

With over 25 years of experience, our senior technicians have perfected the use of PDR tools and developed strategies to restore your OEM panels to their original smoothness. We also stay on top of the latest trends in the automotive industry to familiarize ourselves with newer high strength steel and aluminum-bodied cars and trucks.

By doing this, we help you save the cost of replacing aluminum panels. In fact, saving customers’ money is our forte. By choosing American Auto Hail Repair, you don’t have to pay any additional expenses (we will even cover your insurance deductible). Call us today or visit our repair shops to get a free PDR estimate on your hail-damaged car.