Headlight Restoration

An accident isn’t the only way vehicles get damaged. Folks in Colorado know how elements like hail can wreak havoc on their cars. If your car has recently taken a beating from hail, bring it over to American Auto Hail Repair right away, and we will restore its original condition in a matter of two weeks or less! 

Headlights are easily shattered by falling hail. But the damage can be extensive. For instance, if a large hail breaks the exterior shell, water will leak inside and cause electrical damage. That’s why you should immediately file a claim for hail damage and bring over your car to our service centers in Fort Collins, Denver, Greeley or Nebraska.

And if you haven’t filed a hail damage claim before, not to worry! Our claim specialists will deal with your insurance company so that you don’t have to pay a nickel more on repairs. Once we restore your car, we will also perform a complete detail before handing it over. Contact us today to learn more about our headlight restoration services.