The ‘Brrrrrrrr!’ Season Is On! It’s The Time Of The Year To Initiate Your Dent-Free Plans!

The ‘Brrrrrrrr!’ Season Is On! It’s The Time Of The Year To Initiate Your Dent-Free Plans!

Do you have dent-free vehicle plans in place? If not, the ‘brrrrrr!’ season is on! With all of the snow and ice falling, getting a dent on your car can be inevitable. However, if you are prepared with dent-free plans in place, it will be easier to protect your vehicle from damage.

In this blog post, we will discuss six ways that can help initiate your dent-free plan.

1. Evaluate Your Dent-Prone Areas

Before winter arrives, you should determine where dent-prone areas are located on your car. These can either be on the exterior or interior of your vehicle and may include:

  • The front hood
  • The side panels
  • The back hatch
  • Underneath the doors

By identifying these dent-prone areas early on, it will allow you to get dent-resistant materials and/or protection in place before you’re hit with the harsh winter weather.

2. Get Dent-Resistant Protection in Place

Another way to protect your car from dents is by getting dent-resistant materials and/or protection installed on your dent-prone areas, so they are covered all year round.

For example, if you know the front hood of your vehicle gets hit with snow during wintertime, getting dent-resistant material in places such as a solar film, clear bra, or dent gel is the way to go.

3. Give Your Car a Buff and Polish this Winter!

As we all know, harsh weather conditions can cause surface damage to our cars, so you must keep up with regular waxing/buffing and polishing of your dent-prone areas.

Doing this lets you minimize the chances of sustaining dents, scratches, or swirl marks on your car as the wax acts as a protective barrier for sensitive areas such as the front hood, trunk lid/boot area, and roofline!

4. Stay Safe When Driving in Cold Climates

You must take care while driving in winter conditions. Always drive with caution and avoid sudden stops, starts, or over speeding! Dents occur more often during the colder months due to road hazards such as gravel, salt & sand on roads, it’s always best to keep your speed low and drive safely.

5. Always Park Your Vehicle in a Safe Place

When parking, always use designated car parks or garage facilities, as these are the safest options.

If you have no choice but to park on the street, clear any snow buildup from where your car will be parked, so it there is less chance of your car being hit when you’re driving away.

6. If There is a Dent on Your Car, Don’t Immediately Pull Out a Hammer!

Although you may be tempted to fix the dent on your vehicle yourself, it’s not the safest move! You could end up causing more damage than was originally there. Instead of using a hammer or other objects, schedule an appointment at American Auto Hail Repair who specialize in paintless dent repair, so they can properly fix your dent without causing more damage.

Our team is equipped with the latest dent removal tools and can fix your dent in a matter of hours! If you reside in Fort Collins, CO, and your car has sustained hail damage, we can also help you file a hail damage car insurance claim.

Don’t let the winter weather ruin your car this year! Schedule an appointment with American Auto Hail Repair today!